merchandise and stringing services

RTC Pro Shop carries a large selection of adult and junior tennis racquets from top brands such as Babolat, HEAD, Wilson, Prince, and Gamma. If you are in the market for a new racquet, take advantage of our demo program. Try the latest racquets for only $5.00 and receive credit back on your racquet purchase.

In addition, the shop features Babolat and Prince shoes for men, women and juniors as well as Cornell clothing.

Along with tennis equipment, the RTC Pro Shop offers racquet stringing. If you bring your own string, stringing is only $1500. If we supply both labor and string, prices range from $24.00-$34.00 depending on the type of string.

Strings we currently carry:

  • Solinco: Revolution, Tour Bite, Barbwire, Pro Stacked, Outlast, Vanquish.
  • Babolat: Addiction, RPM Blast, Pro Hurricane, Pro Hurricane Tour, N.Vy, SG Spiraltek, Syn Gut, Origin
  • Wilson: Sensation, Optimus, Syn Gut Power
  • Luxilon: Adrenaline, ALU Power, Alu Power Rough, Alu Power Spin, Alu Power Soft, Savage White, 4G Soft
  • Prince: Syn Gut with Duraflex, Syn Gut Original, Premier Control
  • Head: Sonic Pro, Sonic Pro Edge, Hawk, Hawk Touch, Syn Gut PPS

New Head Radical Series


  • New design
  • Innovative graphene touch technology 
  • Enhanced playability and spin
  • Power, control, and spin for all player types

Take one out for a test drive at RTC Pro Shop!

pro shop faq

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Q: When will I know that my racket is strung and ready for pick up?

A: Once your racket is strung, our Front Desk Attendant will give you a call letting you know that your racket is ready. You can pick it up during our facility hours.


Q: What is your demo racquet policy?

A: You are welcome to check out a racquet or two while you play here. Demo racquets are property of the Reis Tennis Center and must never leave the premises. The cost is $5 every time you borrow a racket. If you decide to purchase a racket from our pro shop, the demo fees will go towards the racket purchase.

Q: Can I borrow a racquet?

A: Absolutely! Whether you forgot your own or you want to test drive a new one, we would love for you to try out one of our demo racquets! All we ask is that you sign demo racquets out and in every time you use one. There are no fees for borrowing a used racket. Fees apply only for the demos.

Q: I don’t know what kind of racquet I’d like to try. Can you help?

A: Yes! We would love to help you pick out some racquets to take for a test drive. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: Can I buy a demo racquet?

A: Every February, the RTC Pro Shop sells discontinued models of demo racquets until they are gone. We cannot sell a demo racquet for a current model. 

Q: How often should I restring my tennis racquet?

A: We recommend that recreational players have their racquets strung as many times in a year that they play tennis in a week. (So if you play three times a week, then you should have your racquet strung three times per year)



Q: What brand of racquets does the RTC Pro Shop carry?

A: Babolat, Head, Prince, Wilson and Gamma

Q: I’m not sure what kind of racquet I should be using. What should I do?

A: Stop in and grab a demo racquet. We would love to help you pick out some racquets to test drive! 

Q: What kind of adult racquets do you carry?

A: For adults, we carry a large variety of high-performance racquets ranging in price from $99 to $229.

Q: What kind of junior racquets do you carry?

A: For new junior players, we carry 19 inch, 21 inch, 23 inch and 25 inch Quickstart aluminum frames from $20 to $25 each. For intermediate to advanced junior players, we carry a variety of 24 inch, 25 inch and 26 inch high-performance frames from $55 to $105.

Q: What size racquet should my child be using?

A: It is always best to ask your child’s coach which size would be best. Generally, up to age 5 uses a 19 inch racquet, ages 5-6 use a 21 inch racquet, ages 7-8 use a 23 inch racquet, ages 9-10 use a 25 inch racquet, ages 10-11 use a 26 inch racquet and ages 11 and up use a full-size 27 inch racquet. 

Q: My racquet cracked. What can I do?

A: Most high-performance racquets come with a one-year warranty. If you have purchased your racquet from the RTC Pro Shop less than one year from today’s date, your racquet may be eligible for warranty return. Stop by the shop to see if we can send it back for you. Sometimes, the company will send back a replacement racquet if the damage is not too severe.

Q: When do racquets go on sale?

A: Generally, our racquets do not go on sale. If you purchase a new racquet from the RTC Pro Shop, we can offer the first stringing free or $15 off depending on the string. 


Q: What brands of shoes does the RTC Pro Shop carry?

A: Babolat, and Prince. We can special order Head and Wilson shoes.

Q: Can I borrow tennis shoes?

A: Absolutely! Whether you forgot your own or you do not have the proper non-marking tennis /squash shoes, you can borrow used shoes from us.  We have a variety of brands and sizes. Please ask the Front Desk Attendant to direct you to the used shoes rack in front of the Pro Shop.

Q: I wore a hole through my shoes. What can I do?

A: Most styles of tennis court shoes come with a 6-month outsole warranty. If you have purchased your shoes from the RTC Pro Shop less than 6 months from today’s date, your shoes may be eligible for warranty return. Stop by the shop to see if we can send them back for you. Sometimes, the company may send back a replacement pair.