Reis Tennis Center Etiquette

All members and guests of the Reis Tennis Center are expected to abide by the following rules of conduct to ensure tennis courtesies are clear, applied fairly, and provide an environment for the tennis community to flourish.

  • Do not walk behind players while a game or a rally is in progress. Wait for players to finish the point, and then quickly cross at the back of the court.
  • If a stray ball comes onto your court send it back to the rear of their court so as not to disrupt their play.
  • If your ball rolls onto an adjacent court, do not disrupt their play. Wait for them to finish the point, and then ask if you can retrieve your ball.
  • All mobile phones and other communication devices should be switched off as these can disrupt play.
  • Positive support by guests, including spectators, is welcome and negative behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Do not interrupt Varsity Matches or USTA Tournaments. These events require the use of the whole facility.
  • Do not interrupt those teaching on a court. Teaching courts typically require much verbal interaction, they are louder if kids are present, and often many balls are used. If you have a court booked next to a teaching court, you are expected to be patient with these circumstances.
  • Pick up your balls and equipment and vacate your court by the expiration of your reservation so as not to intrude upon the court time of the next member.
  • Avoid inappropriate conduct:
    • Racquet abuse
    • Verbal abuse
    • Causing danger to other players through your actions.
    • Disrupting the play of others