Membership fees are for access to the facility from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024. Hourly court time fees apply to tennis and a per day use rate applies to squash. Members may also elect to pay a seasonal flat rate for unlimited squash court time.
Individual  Family (Individual plus spouse and dependent children)** 
18 & Under Junior $ 70.00
College Student with a valid ID $ 100.00

$ 150.00

-Student ID number required
CU Wellness Program Members $ 170.00

$ 293.00

-CU Wellness pink/orange card required
CU Faculty/ Staff/Retirees/Alumni $ 199.00

$ 310.00

-CU NetID required
All Others $ 275.00

$ 385.00

**Primary member must fit membership category. Parents may not be secondary members for students.
Tennis Hourly Court Rate  Winter* Summer** Outdoor
Students with a membership $ 30 $ 12 $ 8
All other members *Labor Day through Memorial Day **Memorial Day through Labor Day $ 44 $ 24 $ 12
Non-member hourly surcharge, added to the hourly court time rate, independent of the number of non-members playing on that court. $ 10/hr $ 5/hr
Maximum # of non-members per court = 4
Ball Machine (tennis only) 6 Months  Full Year
Ball machine use $10/hour in addition to court rate.
Squash Court Rate Per Peson Per Day
Students with a membership $ 7
All other members $ 12
Non-members $ 25
Unlimited Squash Court Time  Fall and Spring*  Summer* 
Students with a membership $ 70 $ 50
All other members $ 135 $ 90

*Fall (September – December), Spring (January – May), Summer (June-August)

  • Each member receives 2 complimentary guest passes. After using up the 2 guest passes, the member may still bring guests. The non-member fee will be charged.
  • Non-member Cornell students may use courts, but will not receive the student member court time rate. Court time will be $44 per hour for indoor and $12 per hour for outdoor plus the non-member hourly surcharge.
  • Court fees are subject to change and temporary special discounts may be available.
  • Only members are allowed to book reservations up to 1 week in advance.
  • Booking on-line reserves the court. Payment on-line gives a $2 per hour court time discount. ($28/hr. for students and $42/hr for other members).
  • Please cancel court reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel a reservation at least 24 hours in advance may result in a charge for the court time. Court fees must be paid or booking privileges will be revoked.