General Membership Information for 2022-2023

Membership fees are for access to the facility from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023. Hourly court time fees apply to tennis and a per day use rate applies to squash. Members may also elect to pay a seasonal flat rate for unlimited squash court time.

  Individual  Family (Individual plus spouse and dependent children)** 
18 & Under Junior $ 70.00  
College Student with a valid ID $ 100.00

$ 150.00

-Student ID number required
CU Wellness Program Members $ 170.00

$ 293.00

-CU Wellness pink/orange card required
CU Faculty/ Staff/Retirees/Alumni $ 199.00

$ 310.00

-CU NetID required
All Others $ 275.00

$ 385.00


**Primary member must fit membership category. Parents may not be secondary members for students.

Tennis Hourly Court Rate  Winter* Summer** Outdoor
Students with a membership $ 30 $ 12 $ 8
All other members*Labor Day through Memorial Day**Memorial Day through Labor Day $ 44 $ 24 $ 12
Non-member hourly surcharge, added to the hourly court time rate, independent of the number of non-members playing on that court. $ 10/hr $ 5/hr

Maximum # of non-members per court = 4

Ball Machine (tennis only) 6 Months  Full Year
Ball Machine Club $ 379 $ 589

Ball machine use $10/hour in addition to court rate if not part of Ball Machine Club.

Squash Court Rate Per Peson Per Day  
Students with a membership $ 7  
All other members $ 12  
Non-members $ 25  
Unlimited Squash Court Time  Fall and Spring*  Summer* 
Students with a membership $ 70 $ 50
All other members $ 135 $ 90

*Fall (September – December), Spring (January – May), Summer (June-August)

  • Each member receives 2 complimentary guest passes. After using up the 2 guest passes, the member may still bring guests. The non-member fee will be charged.

  • Non-member Cornell students may use courts on a walk-on basis, but will not receive the student member court time rate. Court time will be $44 per hour for indoor and $12 per hour for outdoor.

  • Court fees are subject to change and temporary special discounts may be available.

  • Only members are allowed to book reservations up to 1 week in advance.

  • Booking on-line reserves the court. Payment on-line gives a $2 per hour court time discount. ($28/hr. for students and $42/hr for other members).
  • Please cancel court reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel a reservation at least 24 hours in advance may result in a charge for the court time. Court fees must be paid or booking privileges will be revoked.

Become A Member Now
Renew Your Membership

If you are already a Reis member, you can renew your membership online. Members with online booking privileges can renew their memberships by credit card.

Login to your booking account here and select “profile/membership” from the top right menu.

If you are an existing member but do not have online booking privileges, please contact the tennis center to enable your account.

Student Memberships

All registered Cornell students, as well as their out-of-town visiting parents, are welcome to use the Reis Tennis Center. Indoor courts are available, on a walk-on basis, at the standard rate plus the non-member surcharge.

Students who are frequent tennis players may purchase a membership that will entitle them to a number of additional benefits, such as discounted court fees and online court reservations. Memberships for Cornell students are available online at, our online booking site.

Faculty/Staff and General Memberships
Faculty/Staff and other non-student memberships are available at You may also complete the membership form and return to the tennis center.


  • General Information (pdf)
  • Membership application available at the front desk
  • Ball Machine Club application available at the front desk