Welcome to registration for kids clinics.

Below are the options for clinics at this time. Space is limited. We take registrations on a first-come first-serve basis. If we cannot fit you in the class you choose, please contact us about getting on the waiting list.

For help determining which clinic is right for you, see the Lessons page.

Regarding discounts: If you register more than one child, additional children receive a 10% discount. If you enroll a single child in more than one session, there is a discount specific to the program.

Available Clinics

Quickstart and Quickstart Advanced: This winter/spring, Quickstart and Quickstart Advanced have two sessions of different duration. Quickstart is on Monday at 4:30 and Tuesday at 3:30, while Quickstart Advanced is on Monday at 4:30 and Wednesday at 3:00. The Monday session for both runs through early May, while the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions run through late March.

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Futures and Futures Advanced: Futures and Futures Advanced will be on Monday at 5:30 and Thursday at 3:30. All sessions run through early May.

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